Forum Rules

Find the server's rules and regulations here. Ensure that you stay up to date with the rules before entering the server.
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Forum Rules

Thu May 03, 2018 2:41 pm

Forum Rules

These are the rules of the boards, failure to follow these rules will get you warned or suspended from the forums.

1. No spamming
When using our boards make sure that you actually put some value into what you are typing. Always ask yourself first if your post is relevant and if it contributes to the topic. If you can not post a sensible answer then it is best to avoid posting anything, example of this are one worded content such as; No hi-jacking and de-railing of others topics, if you would like to discuss something that isn't related to the matter then create another topic.

2. No pornographic, sexual or extreme content
Refrain from posting extreme content such as pornographic pictures, videos or sexual material. This also goes for posting or referring anything politically or racially extreme. Keep your personal beliefs to yourselves if they can be classified as extreme. The rules apply not only for posting but also your avatar and signature.

3. Common Courtesy
Use common courtesy when being on our forums. Harassment, doxing (spreading personal info), bullying or trolling is prohibited on this board. Respect the community and its members. No posting or linking to copyrighted material such as movies or video games. This is an English only board, if you would like to discuss in foreign languages use appropriate sections. Advertising other servers is forbidden. No commenting on a moderator's verdict, if you believe it to be incorrect then report it to the server's management.

4. No backseat moderating
There is no need for you to tell someone that they're breaking the forum rules, we have administrators for that. If you see someone breaking the forum rules make use of the report function.

5. Do not exceed 250px in your signature
All other forum rules applies to your signature. Keep your signature under 250 pixels of height. Nobody wants to sit and scroll for hours when you have posted something. This includes text and images. Refrain from having a YouTube video in your signature.

6. Keep on Topic
When replying to a topic (made by yourself or someone else), follow the topic subject they have outlined. Do not deviate or mention irrelevant subjects in the replies.

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