Discord Rules

Find the server's rules and regulations here. Ensure that you stay up to date with the rules before entering the server.
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Discord Rules

Fri May 04, 2018 2:13 pm

Discord Rules

These are the rules of Discord, failure to adhere to these rules can get you muted or banned.

1. No foreign languages
This is an English speaking game server so refrain from discussing in foreign languages.

2. No harassment or bullying
When using our Discord server you are to treat each other with respect. No harassment, bullying, doxing (spreading personal info) is allowed on our Discord channels. We are here to have fun and get to know each other so keep the discrimination out.

3. No pornographic, sexual or extreme content
Refrain from posting extreme content such as pornographic pictures, videos or sexual material. This also goes for posting or referring anything politically or racially extreme. Keep your personal beliefs to yourselves if they can be classified as extreme.

4. No illegally sharing copyrighted material
We do not encourage piracy on our Discord server. Do not discuss or share pirated material.

5. No spamming or trolling
We want to keep the Discord as enjoyable for everyone. Spamming or trolling the chat is annoying, act as an adult on our servers.

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