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Devon Ledbetter

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~ Devon Ledbetter ~

Blunt to my lips, gun on my hip
Rocks in my sock, pocket full of chips

Pull up to your mammy house
I put yo family straight to sleep
Riding with the duster by my side
I'm about to sweep the streets
Tell them hoes I stole this murder when I hit they fuckin' town
Tato tip all on that bitch so they don't make no sound
It's the Grey 59, step inside the Columbine
Where you witness your demise
And this throne will still be mine
Grey Gorilla Mac 9, make your heart flat line
Speaking bout my fucking clique
Buckle up and throw down

Oh shit, here we go
These percs and xans, I'm feelin' low
We skrrt the Porsche, the engine blow
I been too rich, now watch me glow
Draco twitch now, watch me empty out a clip
Shoot, shoot, shoot, bet your luck I'll hit yo shit
VVS my neck, jeweled out too, my wrist
Where the hunnid, hunnid, hunnid
Smoke in a brick
I got too much on me, that's why your bitch, she want me
Iced out, all gold, hear the boy froze

Watchin' for the police cause they always tryna catch me mane
A 2-11 in progress, I'm bout to rob this sucka out his shit
Tie him up and tape his mouth, tell this bitch don't make no sound
Throw that busta in the trunk, bout to take him Hellbound
Out the grave, you can't kill what's dead
I like my room bloody red
My souvenir, this sucka head
And in the water is where he dread
Tearin' up the hot lead
I like the shotty cus its' spread
Fuckin' with the killa, promise by the end
You'll be dead
Devon Alexander Ledbetter was born on the east side of Los Santos in the Rancho Housing Projects. Lucky enough to have his mother and father, with the environment aside, Devon had the world going for him. His grades were well enough, he was able to make friends here and there, and he had high hopes for his future. However, things never turn out the way we plan them, and it was in the beginning of high school that his life began to turn around. With his older brother who helped keep the family afloat financially leaving for the military, things began to fall apart piece by piece. His parents began to argue more and more. His father either didn't come home some nights, or came home wasted and belligerent enough to beat him and his mother. Money became tighter and tighter, leaving less food on the table and the house often without power or water. Devon became more and more distant, and his home and school life rapidly deteriorated. Grades dropped, Devon was staying out later, and finding himself involved with drugs.

The next four years of Devon's life were miserable. He had nowhere to stay but his hostile home. He stayed locked up in his room, taking solace in his newfound outlet of anger and frustration and creativity: songwriting. It was easy to push out all the hardships he felt by writing music. At least, temporarily. As money issues continued to pile up, Devon found very few routes for him to take. The last route he wanted to take was ultimately the only one that would work for now, and he resorted to selling drugs on a very small-time level, but it was enough to keep the power and water on. As life continued to throw him punches, Devon very rapidly developed out of his old ways. No longer the quiet and gentle type, he was very angry, hostile, self-loathing, and otherwise very abrasive. He acted out at every opportunity he could, trying to find something to fill the void.

As high school continued to drag on and he began failing more and more, he eventually dropped out to take up his bad habits full time. The wrong crowd influenced his freshly impressionable mind. Small-time dealing became his only means of money, and they lead the way to other crimes, even going as far as outright mugging someone. It seemed every shred of who Devon used to be was tossed aside, leaving this new Devon in its wake. After turning eighteen, he left his parents behind as soon as he could and began staying at an extended-stay motel in Rancho just up the road, known as the Bilingsgate Motel. It wasn't much but he said it was all he needed. He hoped to either make it or break it from here. Time will tell.

π™½πšŠπš–πšŽ: π™³πšŽπšŸπš˜πš— π™°πš•πšŽπš‘πšŠπš—πšπšŽπš› π™»πšŽπšπš‹πšŽπšπšπšŽπš›
π™°πšπšŽ: 𝟷𝟾
π™·πšŽπš’πšπš‘πš: 𝟻' 𝟷𝟢"
πš†πšŽπš’πšπš‘πš: 𝟷𝟼𝟢 π™»π™±πš‚
π™ΌπšŽπšπš’πšŒπšŠπš• π™²πš˜πš—πšπš’πšπš’πš˜πš—πšœ: π™°πšœπšπš’πšπš–πšŠπšπš’πšœπš– , π™Όπš’πš•πš π™±πš˜πš›πšπšŽπš›πš•πš’πš—πšŽ π™ΏπšŽπš›πšœπš˜πš—πšŠπš•πš’πšπš’ π™³πš’πšœπš˜πš›πšπšŽπš›
π™Έπš—πšπš›πšŠπšŒπšπš’πš˜πš—πšœ: πš…πšŠπš—πšπšŠπš•πš’πšœπš– (π™Όπš’πšœπš.) , π™Ώπšžπš‹πš•πš’πšŒ π™Έπš—πšπš˜πš‘πš’πšŒπšŠπšπš’πš˜πš— (π™Όπš’πšœπš.) , π™ΏπšŽπš›πš“πšžπš›πš’ (π™Όπš’πšœπš.)
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