Faction Report Guidelines

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Faction Report Guidelines

Mon Oct 22, 2018 4:56 pm

Faction Reports & Information

A faction report should only be sent when there are violations of Rules of Engagement and/or involves several faction members breaking the same rule. PLEASE NOTE that one individual does not always represent the entire faction and any general Rage RP violations should be referred to the Report Player section FIRST unless it's been done continuously against you or your faction. Feel free to contact any Faction Management members if you are unsure whether or not if you should send a faction report or a report player. Any report that does not follow these guidelines or have ZERO effort will be ignored and moved onto the next.

Faction Management also uses a 3 strike system. If your faction has preexisting strikes, it may add onto however many existing strikes your faction have and/or your faction will be shut down. In some cases depending on the severity, 3 strikes are not required for a faction shut down to happen.

Any additional information you may wish to know, feel free to contact anyone within the Faction Management or the Head of Factions damaz in the forums via PM.

Use this format when reporting any Illegal faction:

Code: Select all

[size=120][u]Defendant Faction[/u][/size] 
[b]Ingame Name[/b]: Firstname_lastname
[b]Faction name & Thread[/b]: [url=Faction Link here]Faction Name here[/url]

[size=120][u]Reported Faction[/u][/size] 
[b]Faction name & Thread[/b]: [url=Faction Link here]Faction Name here[/url] 
[b]Leader's Name[/b]: Leader's firstname_lastname, OOC name here
[b]In a war? If yes, what type?[/b]: 
[b]List of violations with dates[/b]: 
[b]Explanation of report[/b]: 

[size=120][b][u]Extra Information[/u][/b][/size]
[b]Were there any agreements?[/b]:
[b]Did you file any similar or related report on the Report Player section? If so, link[/b]: 
[b]Did you try to solve it with the reported faction's leaders before reporting? If so, what was the outcome[/b]? 
[b]If any, do you/your faction has any intention to end the conflict[/b]?
  • Faction strike(s) will be handled accordingly. Faction leaders will be notified.
  • Temporary ingame ban(s) depending on severity on reported faction.
  • Permanent ingame ban(s) depending on severity on reported faction.
  • Trolling, constant reports with no sufficient evidence and/or no effort reports with malicious intent will result in a temporary forum ban, no exceptions. Anything continued from this may lead to a permanent forum ban(s). Faction reports are a serious thing and should be taken seriously.

Legal Factions: If you wish to report faction members for anything that does not involve around rule-breaking whatsoever, feel free to contact their faction leaders via PM. You do not have to use the format above for this type of report but make sure you thoroughly explain the subject of the report with as much evidence as you have. Keep the report clean and easy to read/understand as it ultimately leads to a quicker response in general. Please understand that these kinds of reports may take more time than regular reports so please be extra patient when you decide to submit the report. Any other report should be going to player reports, legal or illegal.

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