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San Andreas Parole Board

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The San Andreas Board of Parole Hearing is a board that conducts parole application reviews and determines eligibility, type of parole, conditions set-forth on a paroled offender and monitors parole compliance. Upon submission of a parole application by offender serving a significant or life custodial sentence, the offender is brought before the parole hearing board and interviewed to determine eligibility. Public safety screening is also conducted to determine if the offender would pose a public safety risk if released on parole into the general population. Offenders seeking parole are interviewed for release based upon their institution record, criminal history, the offense originally committed leading to the custodial sentence, their plan on parole, the likelihood of recidivism and other factors. The parole board may request peace officers, medical practitioners, victims, prosecutors and other relevant parties provide input to assist in determining the feasibility of patrol and making a final decision. A decision is rendered by a majority vote of the five member panel of the parole board. Should the offender be granted parole, the offender will be released on parole back into the community within twenty-four hours from the time the decision has been reached and will be supervised by parole agents and/or other peace officers for a specified time. Should a paroled offender conclude their supervision without serious breaches and violations of the conditions set-forth by the parole board, the offender will be considered rehabilitated and may continue their life free of supervision.

General Eligibility:
An offender serving a significant or life custodial sentence is generally eligible for parole if the offender has not been convicted of a heinous crime including terrorism, sex crimes, capital murder, first degree murder, offenses committed against peace officers or public servants, corruption in public office and conviction under certain acts. The parole board will make a final determination on which offenses originally committed make an offender ineligible for a parole hearing.

Offenders who while serving a custodial sentence was found guilty of two or more serious rule violations or are in a security threat group (i.e. gang-related activity) will be ineligible to proceed to a parole hearing.

Parole Violations
Many violations committed by paroled offenders are technical violations. Violations committed by an offender on parole will be reviewed by parole agents and will be referred to the parole board for review. Not all violations will result in the paroled offender being returned to custody. It is a goal of the State of San Andreas to not return a paroled offender to custody, rather set alternative sanctions and programs to address technical violations. Offender success in the community remains a priority to the State of San Andreas and the parole board. Serious violations by a paroled offender in breach of parole conditions may result in a return of the offender to custody or a modification to the parole.

Members of the Parole Board:
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